How I feel about Twitter

As the semester progressed, I remember my first Twitter assignment from last spring semester and how much I really did not enjoy it. To constantly tweet and find or relay information that was relevant seemed not to difficult, but just a busy task for school. For this assignment I did felt the same way. as I had to remind myself that I had to tweet a certain amount of times so that I can receive credit. now with that being said I do value the importance of news gathering and sharing. Especially, since I will have to do it in my profession, if I want to be a broadcaster for sports. Sports information in relations with twitter is relevant at anytime of the year because it is never ending. So this part of the assignment I value as a future practice that I must do for my job. That is why I did mostly sports pr news for the twitter assignment because that is what my focus is tailoring too for my future. I learned that I must use twitter or any social media for that fact to help learn about the world around me as well as spread that news to everyone that I may know so that they may be informed. While I do not like the assignment, I do see its value and how it is suppose to help us as Public Relations majors or minors to see how people or companies handle their business and represent themselves to the public. Like you posted on our assignment, what we write reflects who we are and what we want to portray. This means to be accurate, concise, and truthful with what we display on social media. This has been my biggest lesson throughout the assignment and to see how different people react to different situation and tweets and to assess how a post can affect the image of a certain brand or company. But it was fun tweeting the latest news in sports as it made me aware of news as it was happening.


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The Season is Coming!



The last stretch of spring training has finally come. This last week leaves for teams to make difficult decisions as who will make the final rosters. Teams are now beginning to prepare for Opening Day and the start of the season. Many teams have stood out and others have not during spring training,but this does not mean as much as people may think. Although it does provide great sign, many teams are split and veterans are taken off. So it may give a glimpse of hopeful outlook, but it does not give full expectancy for the regular season. There have been many bright spots and highlights thus far but now the cleats are getting cleans and the fresh pine tar on bats is about to be put on, because the real deal is about to begin. The first series to begin the entire baseball season is a rematch of the World Series of Mets and Royals. The Royals will always be awarded their rings for the previous year in a ceremony before the game. This season will be a good one to come, with new teams that made the playoffs last year and are looking to return with making new additions in hopes to return to the postseason. However, for some teams, they are ready to just get the season under way just so they can move on to the next. Every year, some teams look for the next young talent to help their team improve in hopes of getting the next big player. Teams are always in search of the next Mike trout and Bryce Harper Jose Correria . These young player are giving hope for the next generations and a player to revitalize a franchise.From this all teams are looking forward to the season for different reasons whether to go to the postseason, see youth develop, or shock the world with a magical run. It almost time to hear the beautiful words of “Play ball”, cause it almost my favorite day, Opening Day!

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Spring Training in full swing

It is now a full on circus as all major league teams are entering the midst of spring training. Already many prospects and veterans have open eyes with either jaw-dropping performances or a rough start to what they hope to be practice for April.  Both Florida and Arizona are being visited from avid die hard fans of each ball club to go an see the team and the young talent to see who might make the ball club this year and make an impact. It is actually impressive the tradition and determination that some fans have to make time and take a vacation just so they can go to spring training for their beloved team. As a avid fan myself I would love nothing more to enjoy the warm weather, have a nice cold drink with a perfectly grilled charred hot dog and watch the great game of baseball. Perhaps in my lifetime I will experience this and have a great time covering a MLB team during the beginning of a hopeful season. For the fans, spring training is more than just watching your team play. You get a glimpse of how people perform and see how the team chemistry is doing, so that a pre judgement of how will the 25 man roster will be put together. Most teams will have core players  and have a set number of positions set with veterans and such, but for many teams like the Brewers, Braves, Phillies and the Reds are in full rebuild mode and trying to see where the organization will go lead to with their collection of young talent that is waiting to be brought up to the show. We shall se how players progress throughout the month of March and who will have a lasting impact to either make it on a team and be an intricate  part of a winning team. Only 28 days left till opening day and the race to the World Series begins again.



Reporting for duty!



The time has come, as pitchers and catchers have reported for camp and begin training. Every team now looks forward as in a couple of weeks, Spring Training begins. Young hopefuls look to make an impression on their clubs for a chance to make the big league roster as veterans are packing bags and ready to get back into the motions of a new season. Pitchers and Catchers is very important because it is a time for pitchers to begin honing their crafts and adding new techniques to their pitches and delivery. This is important to practice with the catchers  because in all of baseball these two need to be in perfect sync and harmony. If a pitcher and catcher do not have chemistry, it can lead to bad outings and ultimately losses for the ball club. So this is why this time is so demanding and precious for pitchers and catchers. With this their are many eyes on every team to see who stand out in the upcoming weeks and watch who can be beneficial to the organization. Many teams have added pitching such as, the Red Sox, D’backs and Giants. All of whom added big name pitchers to add depth and stability. David Price, Zach Grienke, and Johnny Cueto, all three are ace pitchers with new teams as the one’s mentioned above and all will need this time to get to know their staff, coaches, and catchers. Because of this teams like the Mets are also interesting as they are believed to have the deepest starting five with four possible ace type pitchers in Harvey, DeGrom, Syndergaard, and Matz with Colon a former Cy Young winner as their fifth stater. However, nothing is guaranteed in baseball, and no one knows how nay of these pitchers will respond with new teams or find a repeat of last seasons success. Well we can do as of now is wait and see, but it sure will be exciting to see some blazing fastballs, and back breaking curveballs begin to be thrown on the diamond.

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Football is over time for Baseball!

cropped-download.jpegWritten by Daniel Carcamo

In a short ten days from today, it will be the official beginning for baseball. Pitchers and catchers will report to camp and shortly after in march Spring training will be upon us. This is the best time of the year as everyone is ready to start a new season and hungry for a chance of the World Series. Teams have improved over the off season and are making a giant push to achieve this goal, from the Cubs, Diamondbacks, and Mets making improvements in the National league and Yankees, Angels and Royals in the American league are all in the hunt. The opening series will showcase a rematch of the World Series teams. It will be the Kansas City Royals versus the New York Mets. Both clubs have changed since last time they met as the Royals have lost Ben Zobrist which was a vital part of their championship team but still remained with their core players. The New York Mets have made additions up the middle by adding Neil Walker and Asdrubral Caberera, and the return of Yoenis Cespedes give the team depth and flexibility.As mentioned before many teams will be in the hunt and as far as prediction with the offseason acquisitions, the Cubs and Giants are the favorite’s to win the World Series at 6/1 odds followed closely by the Red Sox’s. Although the Royals have dropped a bit in the odds, they are still a heavy team to compete with because of their experience of making consecutive World series appearances, with winning the whole thing last year. But it is only predictions and the start of the season, their are multiple teams that have strong chances to make the playoffs, but of course you have to see how teams will change with injuries, chemistry,etc. But non the less the grass is getting ready to be cut, the smell of hot dogs and burgers is warming up our hearts, and to hear the beautiful sound of the ball hitting gloves as it is finally time for Baseball. 

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